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Shortly before summer split of EU LCS started, teams have locked their rosters and their players are ready for the action. Some teams also brought new substitutes. H2K's starting five remains unchanged from the last split but there is a new player in the roster after all. Norwegian streamer Amalie "Proxyfox" Reisvaag is a new sub for H2K and she kindly agreed to answer a few questions for us.

Hello Proxyfox, thanks for doing this interview. How did you end up as a sub for H2K? Did you go through tryouts?

H2K was looking for substitute players as they are required to have minimum two subs. The requirements was hitting diamond 3 or above any time during the last year and passing Riot’s behavior test. Here they check for toxicity, boosting etc. During the spring split I helped out the organization finding subs, but without any luck. Most of the people that were suggested either declined the offer because they wanted to actively play on a team and get a decent salary, or they simply didn’t pass the behavior test. I guess I sort of ended up being the easy way out - the organization knew I would pass the test and I also met the rank requirement.

Do you scrim/train with the team? Do you live in the gaming house?

Most European teams does not use their subs actively, unless it’s a six or seven man roster. Me, and most other subs, will not attend any scrims. I don’t live in the gaming house together with the rest of the team and staff, but I do have contact with them through other events like RIOT’s player summit.

Do you think we will se you play on stage this split? Or ever? Would you like to?

If I play this split it will probably be for a match that doesn’t affect the end result, like H2K versus Splyce last split. But hopefully I can improve, and becoming a substitute player definitely gave me the motivation to do so. Maybe in the future I will be on a starting roster, but at the moment my gameplay is too poor.

You are listed as a midlaner. Do you also play other roles? Which one is you second best?

My second best would be support, because a lot of mage champions do well both midlane and support.

Which are your favourite champions? What should your opponents ban against you?

My all time favorite champion would be Vel’Koz. I’m somewhat a one-trick-pony, and he’s my go to champion. Other than that I like to play Karma and Zyra. As a support I play all these champions and Nami.

Being a female player can sometimes be difficult. How do you deal with objectifying and the rude part of gaming community? Do they get easily under your skin?

When I first started streaming about three and a half years ago, comments would really get to me. I would get a lot of comments on my looks, my gameplay, my accent - anything really. As time went on I guess a lot of these comments motivated me to become better. The “haha you’re silver” comments turned into “wow you’re diamond!”. Also, no matter who you are, if you’re a figure on the internet you will always get hate. That’s how it is when people get the chance to say their opinions about people more or less anonymously.

Do you have any advice how to deal with these people for other girl gamers?

It’s easy to say that you should just ignore it, because sometimes it’s really hard. But on several social medias you are able to mute specific persons or words, which helps a lot. Also use the mute button in game if they are harassing you in chat or over voice communication.

On your stream you also sing a lot and play guitar. What is your favourite song you covered? What style of music do you listen to mostly? Do you play any other instruments?

One of my favorite songs to sing is “Breathe Me” by Sia. She’s such an inspirational artist. I like listening to all kind of music, but my favorite genre would probably be alternative rock/punk or acoustic - depending on my mood. I play guitar and piano!

You are from Norway but live in Berlin. What do you miss the most? What do you like about Germany? Do you speak German?

I miss the nature and my dog. A lot. But it’s like two different worlds. In Norway I used to live close to mountains, beaches and forests. Here I live in the middle of Berlin next to tons of shopping malls and hotels, but it has it’s own charm. It’s a city filled with energy that makes you feel like anything is possible. I just keep on wanting to explore the city. I speak very basic German so I can understand most of what people are saying, but I wouldn’t be able to have an in depth conversation with anyone yet.

Berlin is not far from Czech Republic. Have you ever been here? Or in Slovakia?

I have been in most countries in Europe, but never Czech Republic or Slovakia. It’s on my to do list for sure though! I’ve always wanted to explore Prague.

Are you going to attend any gaming event where fans could meet you any time soon?

I will be attending Dreamhack Summer in Sweden! I will also be attending some of the EULCS shows, and will obviously go to the finals as well - wherever that ends up. Later this year you will find me at Gamescom and probably TwitchCon too.

Thanks again for your time.

You can follow Proxyfox on her Twitter, facebook or watch her stream on Twitch.