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Do you know YACC? It's a combination of two names - Acclamator and Yanipir. We have asked these two LoL streamers from Serbia (Acclamator) and Sweden (Yanipir) for a short Interview and they kindly agreed. You may know them not only from their own stream and youtube videos, but also from Sp4zie's videos and stream - they are all part of group of gamers and friends called CG (Compact Gaming).


Do you want us to add something special to the introduction of you two? Like for example Acclamator's love for boats?

Acclamator: I was just about to start talking about my big shiny boat, but nah... (laughs)

Yanipir: No no no, do that!


Does your love for boats have got something to do with your name? Because Acclamator is a spaceship from Star Wars.

Acclamator: If you set it like this, because I love boats, and space ship is practically a boat then yes (laughs), but not really no. I loved boats much before I've got my nickname. I just always saw boats as a perfect way to chill and relax and ever since, like early highschool, it was my dream to get one, so as soon as I could, I just made it happen and bought the cheapest one I could find and started working on it, so yes, its the dream basically.


So why did you name yourself Acclamator then?

Acclamator: Well it's basically because I am a Star Wars geek and a huge fan. I needed a name that was aplicable to MMO around like 10 years ago. And since I was attached to Star Wars and saw the Acclamator spaceship, which I love, I just stole the name.


And what about you Yani? What is the story behind your name? Anything special?

Yanipir: It is a really long and boring story. Let's just say, it was something I came up with when I was like 12, and through the time it evolved to the current form "Yanipir". Nothing special.


When have you first met? I understand, it was because of the CG, but I wonder how long have you two known each other?

Yanipir: Oh. That was a long time ago, right?

Acclamator: Yes, CG itself started like 6-7 years ago basically?

Yanipir: Yea.

Acclamator: And I´ve got into it short after and then maybe in a year or something Yani joined by her brother, who was with us already. And thats how we first met and then it was years and years of playing together. Less at the start because...

Yanipir: ...because my brother would not allow me playing with the other CG´s, because he though they would just scare me off and be mean to me (laughs), but it was not like that, and we are family now.

Acclamator: Mojo, her brother, really though we would be mean to her and scary. He wanted to keep her away from us, but after a while, she got to introduce herself. But this was years ago, probably five years ago, so thats when we first met eachother.


So you have a big older protecting brother? Well, it is understandable since LoL community can be quite diffcult sometimes.

Yanipir: Yea thats true.

Acclamator: Agree. And also we were new to her so we didn't know each other at the point we do now. I can imagine it could be a bit scary.


Q: Whose idea was to stream together?

Acclamator: It was both of us I think.

Yanipir: I think so too. We tried to stream separately before that and then Acc suggested streaming together, which I agreed to because it seemed easier. I also didn't know how to properly set up a webcam at that time.

Acclamator: Exactly. I dont know where I got that idea. There were only solo streamers at that time, except some talkshows etc. but not really gaming streams with more than one streamer. Me and Yani both streamed alone, so I figured, why don't we try something new. People have already known us and wanted to meet us or see us more often.

Yanipir: And when we started, we didn't really plan this to become a regular thing. We just wanted to have fun streaming but then in turned into a scheduled streams.

Acclamator: Exactly. At first it was just a test, experiment or whatever, but it started growing really fast. After maybe two months we've got partnered from Twitch. Lot of people were watching already so we made a schedule and made the whole thing a bit more serious.


>>> You can watch YACC streaming on their Twitch channel every monday, wednesday and saturday <<<

You got partnered from Twitch after two months? That's pretty fast.

Acclamator: Even before we started streaming we already had let's say "fanbase"...

Yanipir: And a lot of twitter followers. (Acclamator's twitter, Yanipir's twitter)

Acclamator: Exactly. So it didnt take long to make the stream work. We weren't starting from zero.


What was the first big unforseen problem? I can imagine duo-streaming could be difficult sometimes.

Yanipir: Not really, duo-streaming is not the thing that causes problems. The most frequent technical difficulty we had to deal with was Acclamator's internet issues. But hopefully that is fixed now.

Acclamator: Yea, duo-streaming itself is not a problem at all. It can actually help you, because you can count on the other person. If something happens, your partner can take over, so that's a big plus actually. However, we always had technical issues. Both of us. On my end it was mostly internet issues, my internet was really bad. But I just moved to the new place mostly because of the internet, so it is a lot better now. On Yani's end it was other stuff, but on mine as well, because streaming - it was not something we knew a lot about at the start. It is a learning in progress. We've learned as we went and sometimes there were bumps. So yes, mostly technical issues, but apart from that, I don't see any problems in duo-streaming.


So what is the best part about streaming?

Yanipir: The best thing, I would say, is to see how the community has grown. We have a Mumble channel where they can talk to each other and we've had a meetup and just to see how they got closer and become friends is really nice.

Acclamator: Exactly like she said. We, intentionally or not, have created serious long-lasting friendships, between our viewers or subs. Seeing that is just... It's something bigger than us, bigger than me and Yani and stream itself, even than the game... I would put it at the point, that it's all about the community. We've actually had a meetup in Munich and to see some of those subs in person was amazing! To see how much influence we've had, to see the people get together, get to know each other, be huge part of each other's life. Thats the best thing.
The very close second best thing is when you go to a League event and people just recognize you and shout at you (laughs). I love it!

Now that you mention League events, which one did you like the most so far?

Yanipir: Hmm. The best League event, I would say, was the LCS Finals in Stockholm, that was pretty nice.

Acclamator: That was a year and half ago, I think... The Summer Finals? We went to a bunch of them and mostly it was either EU LCS Finals or the IEM Katowice and stuff like that, but yea, my favourite are the EU LCS Spring and Summer Finals. The last one was in Rotterdam?

Yanipir: Rotterdam, yea.

Acclamator: That was the best! Because we only meet people who play League, so everyone knows you, you are just walking around pretending to be famous, when you are actually just a normal ordinary person (laughs). In your everyday life here at home, noone knows you. And then you go there and suddenly, just like that, for two days you are someone that everyone (or most of the people) knows and it's a special feeling.

You and other CGs were in Prague right? How was this trip?

Yanipir: Oh yes! That trip was amazing! We spent a lot of time just hanging around, we didn't go much sightseeing, but that was one of the best trips
Ive been to, to be honest.

Acclamator: Yea, and also because there was no event, we weren't limited with time or anything. It was just tourist trip - bunch of friends going together and that made it amazing, the best one. We've just met each other, hang around for few days. To be honest, these trips are so great mostly because of the other CGs, it doesn't matter, which city we're meeting at. We weren't there to visit tourist places or whatever. It was nice because we were all together. Allthough one thing I remember, that was just...

Yanipir: Your favourite?

Acclamator: Yea! We found a public piano in the middle of the park and I played a bit for my friends and there was a drunk guy, who was really touched by my music and started saying something in Czech, and I didn't understand, but it was really something (laughs).

Yanipir: Do you remember that I walked up to that guy, trying to ask him, when he is going to finish playing?

Acclamator: Haha oh yea!

Yanipir: I asked him "How long are you going to play?" and he was like "Two years!" or something (laughs). He didn't understand me and I was too shy to ask him again.

Acclamator: (laughing) For some reason, out of like 15 of us who were there, we've sent Yani, the most shy one, to ask how long is the person going to be playing the piano, because I wanted to play on it.


As A Czech I must ask, have you tried Czech beer? We as a nation are very proud of our beer so I wouldn't do my job, if I wouldn't ask.

Acclamator: Absolutely yes! I am not really good at remembering stuff, so I might completely embarass myself now, but there is a beer i kinda like drinking here and I think its Czech? It might be Slovak, I don't know. It's called Kozel.

TH: Kozel is Czech, yea.

Acclamator: Allright! I do enjoy that beer.


Now that you mentioned Slovakia, have you been there?

Acclamator: Only passing through Bratislava.

Yanipir: No, I have not been there.


Since you are both from the other side of Europe, have you noticed any differences between you two? Like have you ever said to yourself "Swede would never done that" or "Serb would do this differently"?

Acclamator: It sounds like a start of a bad joke: "Swede and Serb start streaming together..." But to answer the question - yea, absolutely. All the time. And it's a good thing. I mean there's a huge cultural difference between me and Yani, but we make it work I think.

Yanipir: If the difference appears, a communication is pretty important of course, so we talk about things and sometimes it might clash, but it does not happen that offten

Acclamator: There are differences but it all works.


Alright, thanks again for your time and have a nice day.

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